Delivering the Future, Smartly

New Changer Group at a glance

The New Changer group is an Italian leading innovator providing high- tech solutions for network infrastructures, geographical information systems and platform virtualization related services.


We strongly believe in digital and technological evolution for the development and well-being of today and tomorrow society.
Relying on excellent skills in cutting-edge and frontier technologies, our goal is to play an ever-growing active role in accelerating innovation transition.


The group aims at becoming a leading player and one of the most dynamic company in Europe and in international contexts, providing high-quality services and products.
In New Changer we are committed to constantly creating new opportunities by uniquely combining consolidated experience and technological excellence, offering strategic solutions for territorial and infrastructural complexity.

Group Composition & History

Since 2018 New Changer S.r.l., the lead partner company has expanded its market and professional expertise by acquiring three prestigious Italian companies (as follow), operating in various sectors both nationally and internationally.


We are a dynamic team of open-minded people and skilled experts.

The New Changer group is characterized by strong heterogenous specializations and a high capacity for innovation. The group leverages on a dynamic staff, sharply increased in the past three years to face the positive demand boost in the reference market.

Established in 2016, New Changer S.r.l. is an Italian-based engineering company operating in the design and management of technological networks, with a professional experience within the information, telecommunication (ICT) and utility industries.

We provide high-level strategies to both private companies and public authorities, developing next technological soft infrastructures from the network operator directly to individual end-users, connecting people and their environments.

S.I.Geo. S.r.l. is an Italian company based in Rome that has been operating for 20 years in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Information Technologies applications.

Livemote makes field service activities time and cost efficient, turning technicians in “trusted advisors”, helping companies solve problems faster, reduce operational costs and increase customers satisfaction.

Livemote is an augmented reality and artificial intelligence software that allows smarter collaboration and easy access to relevant information while operators are on the field

Livemote rende le attività di assistenza sul campo efficienti in termini di tempo e costi, trasformando i tecnici in “consulenti di fiducia”, aiutando le aziende a risolvere i problemi più velocemente, riducendo i costi operativi e aumentando la soddisfazione dei clienti.

Esimple is an innovation-oriented company, always on the lookout for new ways to connect the physical and the digital worlds.

Aiming to promote an omnichannel approach, Esimple provides companies the right tools to manage the digital transformation, innovate processes and know better their clients in order to personalize the customer experience in every touch-points of their brand communication.

New Changer: Delivering the Future, Smartly