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Hotel Continentale – Augmented Reality 360° iPad App

Hotel Continentale is a luxury hotel in the city of Arezzo, in the hearth of Tuscany. The hotel’s marketing staff is really forward looking and shares with customers only the most innovative solutions available.

Hotel Continentale 360° is the first app Powered by Smart360, the Augmented Reality virtual tour Engine by Esimple. The app is a digital experience that allows users to virtually visit the location using the device gyroscope.

The virtual environment can be visited by rotating the iPad or using the touch screen based rotation (available as alternative control method in the app options). A detailed menu gives to the users the possibility to navigate easily from one to room another. Each room can also be visualized by clicking the hotspots on the touch screen.

The application has also a contact form and some information about the Hotel.

The app is available to download for free on iTunes store:

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20 November

Virtual reality