Bausch & Lomb AR

About This Project

Bausch & Lomb is a global company specialized in eye care, with a focus on comfort and innovation. The company turned to us to develop an engaging, entertaining system for its stand at SOI, an important trade show of Medical Division. The solution we came up with made use of augmented reality. Using a green screen method, a video was recorded of a dancing model dressed like an angel. The visitor could then select a station within the Bausch&Lomb stand. Thanks to augmented reality technology, it appeared to the visitor as though the angel was standing next to him and he could dance with her. Every visitor was given a photo of his or her dance with the angel, in exchange for completing a short personal survey. The reaction to the interactive stand was extremely positive: visitors were engaged and entertained and Bausch&Lomb became the absolute star of the trade show.

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