Giostra del Saracino – The Game

About This Project

The customer

The game was developed entirely by Esimple and donated to the town of Arezzo.


Create a viral game that can keep vigilant on rides throughout the year and stating the spectacle of this event by a chivalrous new perspective, that of knight.
Develop an innovative tool that brings people to Saracino through advergames to play for free, and it is fun and exciting.

The solution

“Giostra del Saracino – The Game” is designed to be played online as well, how to develop complex (requires server multiplayer game logic and shared) but the fun increases exponentially and attracts many more people.
It ‘also includes a virtual Hall of Fame and a special list of the best jockeys, so users are encouraged to play and win for the emergence of the quarter.


Creating a viral game has many benefits, the first is to communicate innovative and entertaining second to generate large traffic of users visiting the site know first hand the manifestation and development team.

The results

The site had an incredible success, only the first two days 1000 people had already registered and had played well in 1800 virtual rides, a success so great and somewhat unexpected that caused problems for what Esimple on the server hosting and multiplayer as consistently between 50 and 100 users are challenged.
In the first month more then 45.000 people visited
Many magazines and television have spoken highly of the game by increasing the influx of people.

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