Global Planning

About This Project

Global Planning is a construction company which operates in the private sector. The company decided to approach a wider audience by offering high impact presentation solutions. For this Global Planning consulted with Esimple for the development of an augmented reality app that would allow the displaying of under construction projects even before they are built.

Esimple built a dedicated booth within the company’s exhibition stand at Expo Casa, the fair dedicated to professionals in the construction industry, consisting of a white, empty room whose walls were covered in renderings of rooms currently being designed (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and outdoor).

Environments therefore acts as a marker, and relying to a considerable size of the booth this allowed visitors equipped with iPad to view 3D rooms just as they were real, through a front door.

The effect of immersion was very evident, allowing the user to move around within the real space with the iPad and finding inner screen virtual images in augmented reality that moved into space, as if it was a kind of “window on the virtual.”

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