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About This Project

The aim was to recreate a table top sports game widely used in the 80s and 90s by the name of Subbuteo ®, using the unique touch screen of the iPhone and iPod devices. The idea was to develop a virtual simulation and introduction to the game. The project was sponsored by the Federation of International Sports Table Football (FISTF).
The 3D graphics were implemented in such a way that you can rotate and zoom the view in total freedom. Our programming department also extensively studied the behavior of the physical pieces (players) and the ball in order to create a realistic gaming experience. To recreate the famous flick of the finger, we developed a control method that takes into account the direction as well as velocity of the movement generated by the player on the display. The fun part of playing Subbuteo (now called table soccer) is definitely being able to challenge your friends and hold tournaments.

We therefore decided to offer an online multiplayer option; a dedicated server is now in place so that gamers from all over the world can play together online.
iTable Soccer was released in the App Store and in less than a month has been downloaded by over 2000 people. The game is now ranked number 1 in Italian Simulation Sports Games and number 13 in Italian games overall. iTable Soccer also entered the app top 500 in 35 countries.

iTable Soccer was released in the AppStore and after less than a month has been downloaded by over 2000 people coming in 1st place standings in the Italian and Simulation Games Sports Games and 13th place in the Italian calssifica absolute.
iTable Soccer entered in Top500 in 35 Country.


Unity3D, PHP, Smartfox Server, iPhone SDK

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