Mai Piu Soli

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Gecom s.p.a. is a leading company in the field of security services, specialized in the development of integrated and customized solutions. It provides services to the most important large-scale distribution and Banking Groups, along with Agencies and Corporations, for which it acts as global provider on the entire national territory. Gecom spa and has headquarters in Rome, Perugia, Arezzo, Florence and Milan.

The MAI PIU SOLI  (NEVER ALONE) tracking system is an innovative application dedicated to crime prevention and personal safety. With the MAI PIU SOLI system, Gecom spa guarantees, through the most modern geo location tools, a valid support for active protection of its customers.

Particularly suitable for high-profile figures such as celebrities, entrepreneurs and businessmen , frequently subjected to stalking. The iOS and Android smartphone application works as personal security device which actively tracks the user’s position. In case of emergency users can easily communicate with the operation center and activate the alarm. The backend system is a webapp that runs 24h per day in the operation center and communicates, via push tecnology, with the operator who can easily localize the user and immediately activate an intervention plan for each specific type of signal.

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20 November

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