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The first shopping mall in the world in 3D realtime

The pilot project introduced by Esimple, Virtuy is the first virtual shopping mall in the world providing both a web 2.0 portal – where you can shop quickly – and a unique 3D experience where the user can walk around the mall, visit the shops and interact with other visitors.

Webportal –

The web portal makes use of the latest technologies to provide a simple and fast way to browse all the various products and sections.
The underlaying structure is optimized for search engines to make it easy for potential customers to find the various products of the brands who chose to invest in a Virtuy shop.
Each client has his own personal login to access the administrative area where he can list his products for sale, edit information about the shop and manage the offers for the special VIP Premium users area.

3D Experience –

The most innovative part of the project is the 3D version of the mall. Through the dedicated portal you can impersonate an avatar and walk around the “mall” just like in real life.
Entering each shop you can view the products displayed on the shelves and then buy them using what is the first truly immersive 3D representation of a real shopping mall.
Inside the mall you can meet other visitors from all over the world or interact with service avatars who can give you information about products and help you just like in real life.

Back-end management

The platform is completely self-managed, shop owners can log in their control panel and manage orders, edit the products, position them on the virtual shelves and so on.
For this purpose, we used a special WEB EDITOR where the customer – in a very simple and straightforward way – can pick textures and colors of the walls and position the products where they prefer

Virtuymall – Case history is an innovative platform with two main aspects: on one side, a web 2.0 portal fully optimized for search engines where visitors can quickly buy without further hassles, on the other side a 3D web-based system where you can stroll among the various shops in the mall, chat and interact with other visitors and browse the products in three dimensions, just as in real life, in a unique, innovative experience.

For more information on this project you can visit the web portal, or access the 3D Experience. If you want to open a virtual shop, visit the special website dedicated to shop owners who wish to sell on

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