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About This Project

The client: Natuzzi, the world’s leader in leather upholstery. More than 750 shops all over the world.

The Problem: We provided a solution to the company who needed a new way to improve their sales worldwide with a 3D room planner. The key point of the project is the easy to use interface and the outstanding visual quality.

The solution: The configurator allows for the creation of virtual rooms, which can be furnished – in real-time – with Natuzzi products. The end-user can then enjoy a realistic, real-time visualization of what the room will look like with the products chosen. The viewing process includes the designing of the room, the placement of sofas and other furniture products, the 3D visualization and the avatar physically walking in the newly created environment. The whole experience can be completed with a mouse or touch interface, with the user being guided through the entire procedure. The application – available for Windows and Mac OS X computers – has a low learning curve, as it’s meant to be used by non-professionals. An automatic update system and XML data feeds allow the company to release library updates that include new furniture products. The configurator has also been personalized for the Italsofa brand of Natuzzi Group, specialized in young and dynamic products.

Already used on more than 200 shops around the world will be soon rolled out to the whole retail chain. The average sales increase on the shops using the 3D room planner is more than 20%, and some of the early adopters shops experienced an average ticket increase of more than 300%.

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20 November

3D configurators, Virtual reality