What it is

Virtual reality is the technological experience that allows a full immersion in virtual spaces with which you can interact via specific wearable devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google cardboard. The framed marker will then become the virtual object, which you will be able to move and view in 360 ° as if you had it in your hands.

Fields of application

The unique technology underlying Virtual Reality allows for the creation of innovative technological tools which facilitate the production and promotional processes and, above all, can be integrated in any company.


discover an immersive, engaging and interactive navigation experience


a real 3D virtual shop, in which to showcase your products in an appealing and interactive way


travel through real or imaginary structures, and live the pleasure of discovering a virtual world


the full potential of 3D technologies applied to architectural design


Download our APP and immerse yourself in the fantastic reproduction of “Piazza Grande”

How to enjoy it


Use your smartphone, place it inside the cardboard and discover your virtual reality world


The full immersive experience with a next generation device


Virtual reality is a user interface for real-time simulations

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